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The rules


Arrival (Check-in): the accommodations will be available from 2.00 pm (GMT + 1) until 8.00 pm (GMT + 1), unless otherwise agreed. We recommend that you communicate the time of arrival at the property well in advance, especially if it falls outside normal access hours, it is however possible to deposit your luggage in advance.
Departure (Check-out): accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 (GMT + 1), unless otherwise agreed.
The keys will be delivered upon arrival, following the payment of the entire stay by the customer. Guests will be accompanied to their rooms and information about the property, breakfast hours etc. will be given.
The reception point on arrival is at the property, unless otherwise agreed.


Minimum age to rent a room: 18 years
Minors who are not accompanied by their parents or by a responsible responsible majority exhibit a photocopy of a parent’s identity document with the relative signed free grant.
For hygienic reasons and for any allergies from other customers, pets are not allowed.
The geographical references and directions on how to get to the property are present on the website or if requested will be listed directly by us, after confirming the booking.
In the event that the customer is unable to occupy the accommodation during the booked period due to difficulties with transportation, errors or other personal reasons, a partial refund is not normally provided for early parts or delays on arrival.
Each accommodation can be occupied including the number of people indicated for that specific housing unit unless requested by the customer to add another bed, also on proposal from the reception staff.
For public safety reasons, guests are not allowed to access other people inside the accommodation at any time.
It is forbidden inside the premises: smoking, making use of narcotic substances, speaking aloud, shouting, slamming doors or windows, connecting any appliance brought to the electrical system, (except for the electric razor at the bathroom sockets) ), guaranteeing children to roam the various environments.
Please respect the silence in the time slots 23: 00-08: 00 and 13: 00-15: 00, times when rest is expected.
Furthermore, every time you exit the camera, please lock the door and check that the windows are properly closed, in order to avoid any theft of values ​​from the rooms.
The customer undertakes to respect the premises and the things contained therein, any damage voluntarily caused to the structures, but also attributable to inexperience or distraction, will be charged at the cost of the restoration.
The use of the swimming pool is reserved for guests staying at Villa Abelia, it is forbidden to introduce strangers into the structure and into the swimming pool area.
All guests are required to comply with the internal rules of the accommodation, shown in the illustrative booklet displayed in the rooms.
The office is closed from 12.30 to 13.30.

Cancellation policy

in case of cancellation of the reservation, the following criteria will be adopted:

up to 40 days before arrival without penalty.

from 40 to 30 days before arrival, the deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee.

subsequently up to 15 days before arrival the customer will have to pay 30% of the total

subsequently up to 7 days before arrival the customer will have to pay 50% of the total

From the 6th do the arrival day, 100% of the entire stay will have to be paid.